The Effects Of Peppermint On Geographic Tongue Pain

It can be frustrating to treat geographic tongue pain without resorting to topical medications when symptoms become bothersome. Some ointments and gels can have negative side effects, especially those that can only be obtained with a prescription. However, there is a natural way to treat the pain and irritation of sudden symptoms. For many people who suffer from geographic tongue, peppermint has been found to soothe denuded areas and provide temporary relief.

There are many different mint products that patients can try to treat pain. Fresh mint leaves have brought relief to many people, as chewing them seems to stop the burning sensation caused by eating spicy or acidic foods, but fresh mint is not always readily available, especially in colder climates, and would be difficult to keep fresh and portable at the same time. A better option would be a natural mint gum. A brand that is free of artificial flavors and contains real mint will have the same effect as chewing mint leaves without having to worry about portability, since the gum can be taken virtually anywhere. Chewing gum also triggers the production of saliva, which will moisten the mouth if dryness is what triggered the outbreak. An artificially flavored gum is not a good choice, as the chemicals added to flavor the gum can only further irritate the tongue. All-natural peppermint gum can be found in specialty and herbal stores and can also be purchased online.

Peppermint candy is another option for people who want to try peppermint to stop geographic tongue pain. If chewing gum is not an option due to dental problems, peppermint will offer the same relief without chewing. Mints come in different varieties, and some brands even offer a sugar-free version, which is even more beneficial for people who have the infection because sugar is also a trigger for the disease. Allowing the candy to dissolve on the tongue and make contact with the irritated patches has helped many patients with immediate symptoms. Natural mint candy is widely available in stores and will not only help soothe your tongue, it will also help freshen your breath. Chewing natural mint gum or mint candies poses little danger, and while it may not be effective for everyone, it is a potential alternative to potentially harmful or messy topical medications.

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