Everywhere I look, someone says to me, “Oh, Ed, what’s the matter with you? Communism is dead.” Don’t worry, the communists went out of business in the early 90’s when the old Soviet Union fell apart. And don’t we all wish that were true?

The communists are like snakes in the grass, slithering around until the right moment to strike. In 2008, with the coronation of Barry Soetero, aka Barack Hussein Obama, we had a true self-made man in the White House. Everything we know about the man he invented himself. The truth left town, never to return. President Barry introduced lightweight communism.

That’s with some slick tongue and cute ‘we’re going to fundamentally change America’. Barry’s job was to move him forward with a sleight of hand. And he did a great job. He provided cover for the Islamic infiltration of our government; he destroyed our economy and reignited race wars from coast to coast.

After Barry’s two terms, the baton would be handed over to Hillary Clinton for the final leg of the race to fundamentally change America toward communism and the new world order. But 63,000,000 passionate Americans did not receive the memo and amazingly elected a non-politician to the Oval Office.

In 2016 with the unlikely election of Donald Trump, snakes suddenly appeared in droves, no longer afraid of discovery. Anyone with a brain knew Washington DC, and Congress was a swamp that would make the Everglades look like a puddle. But we had no idea how deep it was and how many snakes lurked in those murky waters.

For the next four years, the swamp creatures did everything they could to take down the man who stood between them and their communist goals. It was never about Donald Trump, the man. It was about him getting in the way of the globalist plan to burn America as we knew it.

Swamp creatures of all shapes and sizes stopped the government in its tracks to depose a duly elected president who stood in their sinister path. No lie was too big, no law too small, to break the man who worked without pay and only wanted America First. While most of us knew that Washington was corrupt, we had no idea how far our elected officials would go to line their own pockets at our expense.

When it came time for the 2020 election, the backwaters of Washington were boiling. There was no way the swamp would allow a second term for the man they couldn’t control. As Election Day approached, President Trump campaigned in seven cities in five days to crowds of thousands at each stop. His opponent, a lifelong senile politician who, with musical artist Bono at his side, drew 20 people to a rally in Dallas.

As the dust settled after weeks of misinformation and misinformation, the world was told that Sleepy Joe Biden, who at this point in his life struggles to complete a sentence, won a record 80,000,000 votes. It was a classic third world election that resulted in a communist coup right here in the good old United States of A.

On January 6, 2021, the United States had a rude awakening. Watch out, America! Communism is alive and well and actively taking control of our once great nation. The so-called ‘Trump Insurrection’ that was not a classic communist/Marxist takeover. Executed to perfection, the target of the coup, the citizens of the United States, were duly distracted by a news cabal that provided thorough disinformation, resulting in the brainwashing of the population.

In each episode of The Commie Chronicles, we’ll examine one element of communism, how they carry out a coup, and how they behave once they take power. The majority of Americans continue to deny, mislead, and drown in misinformation. They are the epitome of the old adage “there are people who see things happen, people who make things happen, and finally, people who don’t know anything happened.”

In America, we are full of people who don’t know anything happened. They are happy to believe that the 2020 election was just like any other election. They think politics and parties are business as usual, so eat, drink and be merry; communism is dead. That is a sign of how successful the media plot has been.

Come on our journey and learn how screwed we are. You can’t find your way out if you don’t know you’re lost. It’s time to learn.

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