We, the constellations of the zodiac, are not gods or goddesses. We follow the directions of the God of Will and the Goddess of Love, the true leaders of this sector of the universe. The gods take turns being on the universal stage. The constellations of the Zodiac express ourselves during our time, influenced by whose turn it is.

God of the will was my leader

During my last reign of 2,100 years, the God of Will was the greatest transmitter of energy with the Goddess of Love in the background, in full support. With the God of Will in command, each of the masters of the Zodiac had the purpose of ensuring that you developed your strength and power in order to manifest the visions of God.

All of that is changing now and the God of Will is beginning to surrender to the Goddess of Love. I will express myself differently now from this year on. However, let’s talk about my 2100 year reign, when I expressed myself through my masculine side, transmitting the messages of the God of Will.

Pisces idealism and love

What was entrusted to me during my mandate was to transmit these, my energies of Idealism and Love in such a way that the objectives of the God of Will could be fulfilled.

God of the will could manifest

That means it would stimulate the qualities of idealism and love within you that will ensure that you develop your strength, courage, and power to the zenith. This is how I helped the God of Will to fully manifest in the physical realm.

Functions to develop God-like qualities

You were like actors and actresses in a play, with the script Goodness triumphs About evil. The roles available for you to play were victim, villain, and hero which, if played well, would ensure that you develop divine qualities.

Victim on the side of goodness

Obviously, the victim was the starting role, since you weren’t strong, brave, or powerful enough to take care of yourself. However, you were on Goodness’s side, and through your experiences as a victim, it was a preparation for the ultimate hero role when you could save victims like you. However, as a victim, he developed his goodness, his idealism, or faith in goodness would triumph. And you were able to express your love for the hero or the ultimate hero, God. This was not a moment for you, discovering your internal love. It was about Exterior.

Most advanced villain role

The villain role was also a starting role, albeit more advanced than the victim role. You developed your strength and your power. You were on the side of Evil and the game was created by the God of Will in such a way that you would not be a constant winner. However, the more skilled you become in this role, it will be a great preparation for your next hero role one day or a lifetime.

Last role the hero

The final role was the hero role with two different stages; first as a junior hero who would develop by saving the victims. Now, all those years or lives as a victim would go a long way, and this is where he would open his heart even more by saving the weak.

Then you would progress to triumph over the villain who was abusing and taking advantage of the underdog. The trap for the villain was that he was not developing his strength any more, but rather succumbed to the trap of trying to demonstrate his strength by promoting it over the weakest. And as the hero developed his strength by becoming more and more courageous, no matter how he started, the hero would eventually surpass the villain who had not continued to develop his strength and thus had become weaker.

Game creators

Alright, now you have the script for Good triumphs over evil and its victim, villain, and hero players. The game itself, the script, the roles; These belonged to the creators of the game, The God of Will and the Goddess of Love. They designed the game in such a way that by playing it, each of you has the opportunity to develop your attributes, becoming like them. That is why they planned the game at the beginning, to create gods and goddesses like themselves. Then they would have individuals like them to get personally involved and be creators of the evolutionary expansion of this universe.

Love, energy

Now here comes my part, my own creativity. For 2100 years, I sent you so much energy of Love for the God of Will that your consciousness was a flame with the desire to be one with God and emulate everything about the God that you imagined idealist. Some of you even married God, becoming a nun, priest, lama, or monk. Your love for God or Allah or whatever word means God or the God of Will went beyond your family, even yourself. Some personalized God to sit on a white throne in an idealistic heaven with streets lined with gold and pearly doors. Evil was also personalized as a devil.

Died for your love of god

The important thing was that your Love for the God of Will was so strong; you had the passion to develop your courage, strength and power. Many of you became true heroes, strong, fighting for goodness as you saw it. You expressed yourself as warrior heroes, soldiers and died for your love of God. You fought honorably in crusades, wars, acquiring more territories.

Fighting on the side of good

If you consider yourself a good person and you fight on the side of Good, then naturally the other person or country you were fighting against, you would have to see them as on the side of Evil. That’s the way the script worked, Goodness triumphed over evil. Sometimes it got complicated, because most of the time, both sides thought they were on the side of Good and that God was leading them.

It’s true; the God of Will urged both of them to press on to become strong, brave and powerful. You developed your idealism to the fullest when you were willing to die for your idealism, for your version of God. Death was seen as the ultimate sacrifice of oneself, dying for what they believed in. Just look at how many religions arose during my time, all with great idealisms, all with their own idealisms of God and ways of becoming one with God.

Attributes of Idealism Energy

Let’s look at some of the attributes or qualities of idealism. How about honor, respect, loyalty, inspiration, kindness, romanticism, optimism, perfection, purity, principles, integrity, justice, sacrifice, devotion, faith, to name some when they are fully mature? You go through one experience after another, progressing from the victim, through the villain and finally to the role of hero when these become mature and truly beneficial qualities.

Progression of idealism

Depending on the expression of these qualities, announce what role you are currently playing. For example, let’s look at idealism itself. If you are idealistic to the extreme, a true Pollyanna, you are clearly playing the victim role and attracting villains to take advantage and abuse you or heroes to save you. If you take your idealism to the stage of fanaticism, you become a villain, killing or trying to convert others in the name of your idealism, usually God.

Energy of love during the age of Pisces

Love was more of an ideal of Exterior, of God or of religion. Even your partner relied on an ideal of who he thought the other person was or should be and then tried to put that person in his idealized romanticism. It’s no wonder that when you got close, the person quickly fell off the pedestal you had put them on.

You saw only your flaws

If you tried to look within during this time, you saw your flaws, your imperfections that made you not feel good about yourself. You tried to fix yourself, generally being stronger, more disciplined, more pure, self-sacrificing that worked within its context. However, the energy he was using was Will not Love. That is the next step.


Hopefully, you now understand why this era was a patriarchal age, one in which men were in charge. In fact, they were the strongest species in terms of muscle mass and strength. Women were more defenders, just as the Goddess of Love remained in the background, the support of the God of Will to manifest his game in the physical sphere.

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