The HP LaserJet 1000 printer is undoubtedly one of the superior mono, laser and engineering personal printers available to this day. Its quiet operation adds even more charm, no matter your job specifications. The team will sneak into any corner, but it will find its way and turn heads every time a job is done.

The printer will handle anything and everything considering the extensive capacities for the various types and sizes of accepted media. Compatible media it can work with include A4, A5, B5, Legal, Executive, Letter A, Com 10, and Monarch as well. will print on cards, labels, envelopes, index cards, plain paper, recycled paper, transparencies, and postcards.

works are produced at a good but not formidable speed of 10 pages per minute at their maximum resolutions of 600 x 600 dpi. The print quality is not in doubt. The written text appears clear and vibrant without borders or any other flaws, although the reproductions appear to have received a little more color. Smaller typefaces are problematic, they will not stay clear if they are at the extremes, but in general the machinery can be used in most situations with great success.

If you want to consider connecting the printer to a network, you should know that it can only be connected by using a USB cable. It is not the best solution for networking, but it will do its job if necessary. At least you get the classic 12-month warranty and the usual coverage applied to products of this type.

The initial HP LaserJet 1000 toner is in the package, but it is only there to demonstrate its functionality. Only a serving of about 100 pages will do. Then you will have to go to the market where a good standard cartridge will last between 2,500 and 3,500 prints, depending on the exact cartridge model. The printer can print 7000 pages per month and it could too as it is certainly built to last, even if it is not your average business utility printer.

The HP LaserJet 1000 is a good and versatile piece of equipment. You may find it a good product to cross over to more powerful printers. The machine passes any test that an environment such as the modern home business may throw at it. Regardless of how much you have to produce, the HP LaserJet 1000 is an extraordinarily powerful printer for the home user who knows the fine print field and always expects the best from their equipment.

Combined with HP LaserJet 1000 toner, the printer really does detect your hot spot and will surprise you with some very detailed jobs. The HP LaserJet 100o is, after all, a professional tool that can give you exceptional results that you wouldn’t think it was capable of. It’s easy to use too, doesn’t overpower your work style, and will help you with small demands on your part. A truly exceptional team.

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