Guide to Latisana, Italy

Looking for a vacation that’s off the beaten path but still highlighting everything tourists love? Visit Latisana, Italy and immerse yourself in the culture of everyday Italian!

Stay at the picturesque Agriturismo Albafiorita, a 19th-century farmhouse with traditionally furnished rooms and private bathrooms next to a thriving vineyard. Enjoy breakfast in the shade of the rustling leaves and take in the riotous flowers, green climbing vines, lush grass and the view of the vineyards. The staff speak English and can point you in the direction of your next unforgettable experience.

What better way to spend the day than with some fun in the sun! The beautiful beaches of the Marano Lagoon are just a 13 mile drive from Latisana in the town of Lignana. Take a walk on a long, wide beach with the warm waves lapping at your feet. Wander through the clear, shallow waters and look for shells and small sea animals. Look for geese, swans, herons, terns and more in the nearby reeds. The area has two nature reserves that bond with local wildlife, birds, and sea creatures. Visit the traditional “casoni”, huts made of reed bales with fires in the center that the fishermen built as a refuge between trips or as a permanent residence. Several of these have been converted into public huts used to teach visitors traditional ways of life. Spend an unforgettable day enjoying typical sea dishes such as ‘sarde al saor’ and drinking local wines.

For those interested in literature and history, be sure to visit Parco Hemingway, a small park with a theater in the middle named after the famous American novelist Ernest Hemingway. He was passionate about this area and while living there he was inspired to write “Across the River and Into the Trees”, referring to the Tagliamento River and the pine forest that borders it. In the park you can find posters, photographs and written descriptions about Hemingway, his life, his work and his love for the area.

If you’re looking for slightly older history, drive east from Latisana about 45 minutes to Aquileia, home to one of the most complete unexcavated Roman sites in Europe. Colonized in 181 a. C., only surpassed by Rome in size and wealth. It would later become one of the largest and most significant Christian dioceses in Europe. It houses a basilica built in 1031 by Patriarch Poppo and rebuilt in 1379 by Patriarch Marquard. You can buy guided tours of the ruins or just wander around on your own and enjoy the feeling of being where so many ancient Romans were.

Check out several restaurants just down the street from the hotel serving up the local flavor of Friuli on your way to the local Lorenzonetto cav winery. Guide. Home to one of the 100 Best Wines of 2013, this family-owned and operated winery has respected ancient traditions while staying abreast of modern sanitary measures. The vineyard is located in an area that has been cultivating vines since the 15th century. Come enjoy daily wine tastings and peruse the wine cellar, buy a bottle of your favorite or a whole case!

This is just a sample of the many exciting activities you can enjoy in this small area of ‚Äč‚Äčnorthern Italy. Lose yourself in the beauty of the Italian countryside and immerse yourself in the culture of the ancients. You will never be the same!

It is a fantastic destination for backpacking Italy.

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