Local Search Directory – Can Your Potentials Find You? – 7 Characteristics of a Good Directory

Characteristics of a good local search directory: It will offer you the following:

1. The ability to attract new prospects and customers on an ongoing basis. 94 million people search online every day for the best deals and then place an order or follow up with a store visit or phone call.

2. The ability to rank your site high in search engine results when your potential customers are looking for what they need and what you have. When people search for certain products and/or services, they want to get results now! If your site is not easily found online, your competitors receive all the phone calls, closed deals and emails instead of you.

3. The ability to optimize your site; ability to optimize your directory listings and do all of this using the search terms that will bring you the most traffic within Yahoo, the huge local directories and other search sites. (Note: Search engines and directories are interconnected, so the more places found, the higher your ranking in search results.)

4. The ability to get your site listed in over 50 online directories.

5. The ability to record and track interactions with your website (and phone calls to your business that occur through your site). You’ll be able to see what’s working, the number of people who visited, and who called or submitted your form.

6. The ability to enter your information into people’s cell phones and their GPS systems. When they need to re-order, they’ll just click!

7. The ability to send your information to all major GPS like OnStar, MapQuest, TomTom and many more.

A good idea is to try to find a directory that tells you where your prospects go when they come to your site. Choose a directory that allows you to really hear what your prospects really want when they call you, allowing you to hear how your staff converts those calls into customers.

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