If you have been trying to find a fun sporting activity that will help you stay in great shape and health, then squash turns out to be an amazing option considering that the level of calories burned playing squash is really high. In a few words, it consists of a covered squash court with a gate where 2 to 4 participants can participate in the activity. It takes good fitness, reactions and concentration to make sure you beat the other player. It goes without saying that with a stimulating exercise regimen like squash and the calories burned playing squash, you’ll soon achieve your goals, whether it’s reaching your goal weight, staying fit and healthy, increasing concentration, or simply engaging in some energetic exercise. . exercise.

Being a very intense movement exercise, squash is considered an excellent cardiovascular exercise. Regardless of your age or gender, you can expect great results from participating in squash. What you have to do is enroll in a sports center and start with the indoor game. You will need your squash equipment, and Harrow squash rackets are certainly one of the most effective brands you can consider. It will not only allow you to experience a sporting activity, but will also help your hand-eye coordination, body flexibility, and concentration. Pumpkin could also act as a wonderful stress reliever after a demanding day. People say it’s a good idea to meet up with your mates for a game of squash at the end of the day to relieve stress and keep fit.

A look at calories burned playing squash:

A quick review of the calories burned playing squash lets you know how beneficial it could be as an effective fitness sport and even as an exercise routine. The number of calories you burn will generally depend on how long you play and your body weight. Also, a female participant will burn calories slightly differently than a male player. However, considering a body weight of around 65 kilograms/171 pounds, the following will give you an idea of ​​the calories burned playing squash:

If you participate in the game for 10 minutes – 130 calories

When you participate in the game for 30 minutes: 390 calories.

If you play the game for 60 minutes/1 hour – 780 calories

Some authorities are of the opinion that pumpkin will help you burn more calories in the same amount of time compared to more common energy activities such as soccer, tennis, or basketball. It is recommended to understand that the stats provided here are a rough estimate and can change from person to person, however, the game will almost always allow you to burn a good amount of calories.

Squash is an excellent option as a physical exercise and also to relieve stress. It exercises your entire body and mind in the process, while also being an amazing workout. However, you may need proper assistance and equipment to try squash, which is a particularly active and high-intensity game. Shop well for your equipment with a Harrow squash racket, appropriate clothing and possibly the help of an experienced coach or instructor to prepare for the game. When you’re in the flow, you’ll see great results from calories burned playing squash and you’ll find yourself healthier, less stressed and enjoying your game.

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