A soccer player must have a strong core and strong legs. To accomplish this, there are several exercises available with a Bow Flex.


Most athletes need a solid core to build. As with any build, if the core is weak, no amount of work on the outside can overcome that weakness.

The core of your body consists of your abdomen and some back muscles. As you probably already know, the best exercises to strengthen the abdomen are crunches.

The Bow Flex Ultimate 2 home gym has the widest range of exercises, including crunches. Strengthening your core is simple with these exercises:

reverse crunch

Resisted Reverse Crunch

Seated Abdominal Crunch

Seated Oblique Abdominal Crunch

Crunches With Attachment

trunk rotation

Standing Oblique Crunch


The most important tool a footballer has is his legacy. After building a solid core, it’s time to work on the legacy. With Bow Flex, you can do these leg strengthening exercises:

leg extension

lying leg extension

Squats (with accessory)


ankle eversion

ankle inversion

standing hip abduction

standing hip extension

Seated hip abduction

calf press

leg press

Leg curls and more

These will increase the strength and power to kick and maneuver the ball down the field.

Another exercise:

If you’ve ever watched a soccer game, you know there’s a lot of one thing, and that’s running up and down the field. This requires a lot of stamina and stamina. While building and strengthening muscle is important, building stamina is perhaps just as important.

A great way to achieve this goal is with the Bow Flex Tread Climber. This machine combines the work of a treadmill with the step movement of a climber. All this wrapped in a smooth elliptical movement that takes care of the joints. Getting your heart rate up and building long-distance endurance is a cinch.

Bow Flex has the complete package for any athlete and that includes footballers. If you’re an aspiring player, do yourself a favor and train using one or both of these excellent Bow Flex machines.

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