Traffic bums is a very important tool for all affiliate marketers and internet marketers in general. This tool will help you attract visitors to your site and according to the title “Traffic asss”. It seems like it will show you an easier way to get people to visit your site.

What you will get from the traffic boom system is a smart program that will teach you how to do the following:

Joint Venture – Also known as a JV, Joint Venture is great because you get to share your traffic with other people, but the benefit is that you get traffic there as well. It is a partnership of two or more people. You just need to find someone to JV within your niche.

Social bookmarking: Facebook, Twitter or even MySpace would be considered. It’s a place where people can tag articles, websites, apps, software, etc. If people like it and tag it, it will spread everywhere.

Web 2.0: Web 2.0 is a way of sharing your information (with links to your website). Whether it’s blogs, RSS feeds or social bookmarking. The perfect way to make yourself heard and attract visitors to your website.

Authority Backlinks – These are very powerful; They will help you get on the first page of Google. Authority backlinks are links pointing to your site from a site that has a lot of authority or attracts a search engine.

Link Wheels – Link wheels are when you use a bunch of different techniques to get traffic and they all link together to point the visitor to your “money site”. These strategies can be very helpful when it comes to ranking higher on Google or any search engine. You’ll learn from James Delong, who has mastered getting traffic, which is why he produced Traffic bums.

Pay per click: Pay per click is when you pay someone to advertise for you and you pay a certain amount for each click. If you have heard of Google AdWords, it is a form of pay per click. That you will learn how to benefit from “PPC” using Traffic Bums System.

All of these are very important when you are trying to get a higher page rank or trying to rank higher in Google. I made my first affiliate sale using some of these same techniques and was on the first page of Google.

This product looks and sounds great, there are so many different things you will learn for such a fair price. I don’t think you can buy a book in the store with so much information for this price.

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