Auto detailers are often asked to clean boats and detail boat trailers. There is an easy and efficient way to do this with little effort. Washing and waxing boat trailers is an easy sell. Be sure to offer the boat owner a towing wax. Let the owner know that a heavily waxed trailer is more rust resistant even when used in salt water. They can wax now or repaint later. To remove rust, brush on two coats of Ospho Acid, available at paint stores and marine supply stores. It will change the chemistry of the oxidized steel from an active to a passive state and stop cold oxidation.

Flushing of fenders, lines and ground power cables

When washing lines, most manufacturers recommend putting them in a net bag and throwing them in a washing machine. Although you cannot do this, we recommend Gemtek Cleaner / Degreaser, which will not remove finish from lines. Wash fenders, the same and then clean with a protective spray like CRS or WD-40. Cleaning ground power cables is something not everyone does. It can leave a boat looking cleaner (the same way a neat, tidy pair of wheels light up a car) and it really goes beyond the call of duty. You can charge between $ 1.00 and $ 2.50 per foot to clean them. Most of the time they are greasy and dirty from the springs and creosote tar. Make sure the power is off and unplugged before attempting to clean. You don’t want to shock while you shine. Keep the cables out of the water as much as possible. The way to clean them really fast is with acetone. Work one section at a time and slowly.

The acetone melts slightly and softens the outer layer of the cables, so be careful not to over-saturate the cable and towel. Change towels by exposing a clean surface. This will make your work go faster. Then dress them up in some 303 or Armor-All protector. You can also use Starbrite Power Cord Cleaner, as well as an acetone neutralizer and protector. Hoses in storage can attract mold, mildew, and grease from lack of use or due to weather and other conditions. Follow the same cleaning procedures for the ground power cables.

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