Over the years, I have tried many different ways of eating. There was a time when I was on a mission to gain weight and had a hard time gaining weight. It cost more money to gain weight than to lose it.

I came to the conclusion that the excess body weight was really affecting my life in a negative way and I decided it was time to lose some weight and I managed to lose 85lbs in 5 months just by changing the way I eat.

I no longer filled up, I ate almost a strictly vegetarian diet and still do, I also find that my body recovers very quickly after a workout if I limit junk.

But what is the right way? I think about growing up and the way I lived in the ’70s and ’80s. I found out that there were some fat people, not nearly as many as there are now.

When mom or dad was in control of my eating, I usually ate 3 times a day. The morning was usually sugary cereal, sometimes puffed wheat, shredded wheat, grape nuts, but also sugar cakes, ice cream flakes, etc., sometimes eggs and bacon with the eggs cooked in bacon fat.

Lunch, if not at school, was probably a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, dinner usually consisted of meat, starch and vegetables, sometimes pasta. But dinner was not like a buffet and we didn’t eat all day.

Sometimes we had seconds, but not many snacks between meals.

As far as fast food goes, I probably went to McDonald’s as a kid I’d say less than 10 times and the TV dinners were made on metal trays and were a treat.

On Saturdays when I was young, I remember watching wrestling with my dad and eating bologna and cheese sandwiches.

I don’t remember there being soft drinks in our house, we drank water and milk. Soft drinks destroy the body. Water strengthens the body. But most importantly, there wasn’t much to distract us from being physically active.

We didn’t have computers, cell phones, or video games, well at least ones worth playing, so the combination of being bored and eating at every opportunity and not being physically active is the main cause of obesity.

But as I got older and moved to a different area with access to the convent store and when I had a little money, I drank soda, ate fast food, steak sandwiches, but was still active and didn’t gain weight.

It wasn’t until I decided to gain weight and work very hard to do so that I gained a ton of unusable weight. So overeating rather than sparingly of the wrong packaged processed foods and lack of movement has become the problem.

No one has ever gained weight eating potatoes, they have few calories per potato and are very filling, no one has ever gained weight eating bananas either, but experts say that to lose weight, do not eat this type of starch.

If you look at the difference between the money spent eating out or ordering today compared to 20 or 30 years ago, the number is staggering. I never remember having food delivered to my house when I was younger.

So when a fat person tells me that they are fat because of medical problems, they are most likely lying to themselves to make themselves feel better, because eating natural foods does not promote weight gain.

No matter what some expert wants to tell you about how the times are different and it’s not all your fault, he or she is right, the times are different but the body still responds the way it always did. We have conditioned ourselves to eat at all times, we have also let the clock decide when we eat.

We eat too much food and do not drink enough water. We can go long periods without eating and most feel that they cannot go two hours without eating.

Over the years, I have found that the less I eat, the better I feel, sometimes eating once a day and sometimes multiple times a day, depending on my activity level.

Activity level should be how you measure your food intake, if you don’t move much throughout the day you don’t need a lot of food, if you are very active you will need more food, it’s just common sense.

As far as scientific research goes, do we really need to spend money to find out why people are fat? All we have to do is look beyond the mirror.

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