You will find that women go through many changes when they are pregnant. They will also experience many unwanted side effects. One of these side effects is suffering from puffiness in the face during pregnancy. The reason this happens is often because the body is producing a greater supply of bodily fluids in addition to blood (often up to 50% more fluids during pregnancy). The body does this in order to soften and prepare the body’s joints for the baby’s birth, as well as to support the baby as it develops.

There is a lot of fluid that surrounds the baby in the womb. This extra fluid can affect the mother’s feet, ankles, hands, fingers, and face. Many women don’t mind the slight swelling in their hands and feet, but when they have a puffy face during pregnancy, they feel less than the radiant person they are supposed to be, and are often embarrassed to go out and enjoy their pregnancy.

However, there are some simple ways to reduce the puffiness of the face to make the pregnancy shine again. You would like to reduce the amount of salt you consume. Eating lots of salt will often increase your body’s water retention, exacerbating bloating. You should also avoid eating junk food, as junk food is high in salt and saturated fat and very low in fiber and vitamins that are needed during pregnancy.

These are actually just basic healthy eating guidelines that most pregnant women follow anyway … but always talk to your doctor to make sure you’re doing the right thing for your specific situation.

You can also reduce facial puffiness during pregnancy by drinking plenty of water and getting plenty of rest. Staying away from the legs and feet for a specific time each day will help reduce swelling in all parts of the body.

Other ways to reduce facial puffiness during pregnancy is to avoid caffeine, eat potassium-rich foods, and stay cool if you are pregnant during the summer months. You also need to get enough exercise to keep your blood and system moving.

If your swollen face is problematic, you can add cold compresses to the swollen area when you rest or when you lie down. Following these steps to reduce swelling during pregnancy will allow you to have a much happier pregnancy and delivery.

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