Segovia is an amazing and picturesque city that may be small but outstanding in many ways. It is strategically located on the rocky crest of a mountain with mansions from the Golden Age. It served as a great royal tourist center, as well as the old base of Cortes.

Historical attractions

You will find many notable historical attractions in Segovia such as the church of San Miguel, where Isabel la Católica became its queen.

Even though Segovia is a small city, it has many impressive architectural monuments such as the popular Roman aqueduct, the Alcázar Cathedral which has a fairy tale structure and many old mansions around the ancient city in honey colored stones. There are also two renowned palaces for your visit; the Riofrío and La Granja.

City of Segovia

Besides the amazing cathedrals and old quarters of the city, there are many breathtaking views of the city where each town exhibits its own unique atmosphere. You can walk through the city of Segovia in one day to enjoy all its places of interest on foot.

There are excellent signs on all the ring roads that also lead to the city center through the Alcazar.

You will see the El Parral monastery which is open to the public; it is quite large, although partially ruined after it was occupied by the Hieronymites. The Gothic church building exhibits rich sculpture on its east side, where Gregorian masses are generally celebrated during the week and on Sundays.

Museum galore

Art is truly a special entity in Segovia with the many museums available. The main museum in Segovia is located in the Casa del Sol, which is the old slaughterhouse located between the Alcázar and the Puerta de San Andrés. It is currently under renovation for more fine arts, ceramics, sculpture, and other archaeological exhibits.

The Antonio Machado museum is located on Calle Desamparados 5, which exhibits furniture from 20th century Spanish poets.

Accommodation convenience

Segovia boasts of having many quality hotels where a monastery used to be. The San Antonio luxury hotel is located in the center of the city, which has been carefully renovated from monastery to hotel. The renovation has managed to preserve the architectural structure as it is now considered a National Historic Landmark.

There are many contemporary 4-star hotels in Segovia for a comfortable stay. You can enjoy beautiful views of the city from most of these hotels or stroll through the city to enjoy the historical attractions and impressive architectural monuments.

Another interesting hotel in Segovia is the renovated 16th century palace that now offers modern facilities amid historic structures and settings.

Segovia hotels provide you with the necessary amenities and comfort to ensure an excellent stay during your vacation in this city.

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