“What will my return on investment be in branding be?”

“Why should I invest in branding when I can get the same results by hiring more salespeople?”

It is the salesperson who really settles the deal and keeps the stone rolling. I totally agree with your point, but at the same time I cannot underestimate the power of the brand. The brand is the differentiating factor between your product and the product of an xyz company.

Once you establish yourself as a brand, your salespeople don’t have to struggle to create visibility for themselves. The brand is responsible for delivering leads and shortening the sales cycle to generate revenue at cost and risk in line with other investments a company may make. Calculating ROBI is really tricky, you need to understand first that it is a one-time investment and you will get the benefits of that for a long time. To understand the benefits of branding, you need to take a bigger picture.

Once you’ve established yourself as a brand, your marketing spend will decrease or, in other words, your return on marketing investment will increase. Branding is, and always will be, a creative endeavor. If executed properly, it can boost your sales, you can market your product at a higher price. It just sets you apart from the crowd and that is what is required in today’s violent market where new products and services are launched almost daily. The choice is yours; Or you can always stay on the battlefield, unsure when a new company product will replace you and take you out of business, or create a permanent place for yourself.

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