As with other courses, there is a different set of requirements for law school and each of which also has different admission requirements. The competition to enter is fierce. There are more candidates than places. To be accepted to law school, you should have performed well in your undergraduate courses, your standardized tests, and your personal statement.

Your law school entrance exam or LSAT score is a critical factor. Be sure to take your LSAT in your junior year to ensure you have time to retake the exam. Consider taking as many practice tests as possible. A score of 120 is the lowest you can get and 180 is the highest. Most of those who take the LSAT tend to score in the middle, which puts them somewhere between 145 and 160. Obviously, the better you do on the LSAT, the better your chances of getting into a really great school. There are many schools that only accept students who score a certain or higher on their LSAT exams.

Law schools look for specific courses on your transcript, such as political science, philosophy, sociology, and history. However, it is equally important to be a well-rounded individual. Schools like this are also looking for candidates with quantitative courses like economics, business, math, and finance. Once you are done with school, you will be dealing with the business world on a daily basis and you will need to understand it.

Carefully consider the courses you take at the undergraduate level. While your LSAT score is critical, a commendable GPA and course load are important. An admissions board is more likely to view an applicant who has doubled in biology and philosophy with a 3.25 GPA than someone who majored in political science with the same GPA.

The admissions committee will know who you are through your personal statement. Tell them about your significant accomplishments and what sets you apart from other applicants. Your personal statement is the admissions committee’s true first impression of you, so you better make sure it counts for a lot. You’d better choose harsh critics who will actually critique your essay when you’re done writing it.

Many schools have begun reviewing applications in November. Know your requirements and get your application in advance.

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