Milking the prostate alone at home takes practice. It is not difficult at all. You only need enough time to familiarize yourself with the steps and you are on your way to reaching your first prostate orgasm. You don’t actually need a partner to achieve a pleasant orgasm by stimulating this prostate gland. The key to this bliss is practice.

There are numerous statements about the sensations of prostate milking. Most would say it is very intense. Some men would even say that it is equivalent to the female multiple orgasm. The feelings can be much more intense due to the simple idea that you are touching an area of ​​the body that is considered taboo.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of ​​playing with your anus, it does not mean that you have to stop milking your prostate. There is a tool you can use to prevent your fingers from touching the inside of her butt. This tool is called a prostate massager. It is designed to reach your prostate and give it a fantastic massage. It can even provide pleasurable sensations to your perineum as an added factor.

Of course, you have to practice using this tool. Since, unlike your finger, you cannot tell exactly if it has reached the prostate. Usually the bulge, which means the point of the prostate, can be found 2-3 centimeters from the opening. However, these values ​​are not true for all boys. There are men who have theirs in a shallow area, while others have theirs in the deepest part of the anus.

If you have chubby fingers, or are easily straining with the prostate milking position, it is best to use a prostate massager. In this way, you can even avoid injuring yourself or straining your muscles. An additional tool would be a lubricant. This will relieve the stress on your anus, allowing the prostate milking to go smoothly.

In addition to using the prostate massager, you should also learn the proper preparations for prostate milking. Pay attention to cleanliness, relaxation and lubrication. These are three components that you should always observe every time you perform a prostate milking, either alone or with your partner.

Since you will be touching the inside of your anus, we have to avoid any type of infection. To do this, you must cleanse your body properly. Take a warm bath and clean your anus and fingers. Also, you should trim your nails as this could cause some injuries. Keep some towels or tissues by your side at all times because prostate massage can be tricky.

Relaxation is a must. Yes, you can rely on your best lubricant to relieve stress. However, the best way to relax your muscles is to relax. You can simply do breathing exercises or keep your surroundings relaxed. Dim the lights in your room, play soft music, and spray some lavender-scented mist into your room. This may seem feminine, but it is actually effective.

The last part is lubrication. As I’ve been telling you, lube is a good addition to lessen the stress on your anus. There are three types of lubricants you can choose from. You can use the oil base, the water base or the gel base. Feel free to try everything to see which one works for you.

Don’t put the actual prostate milking on your first try. Making prostate aloe at home is much better if you do it step by step. It may take days or even weeks for you to reach your first prostate orgasm, but it is possible.

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