Do you suffer from frequent acid reflux? Then you are reading the correct article! Careful food choices can dramatically prevent acid reflux and its painful symptoms. Not sure what kinds of foods prevent acid reflux? Once again, you are reading the correct article! I will share with you some gastronomic secrets and delicious recipes. I’ll break it down into seven easy steps for you to follow so you can live without acid reflux.

First, let’s define acid reflux:

Acid reflux is also called chronic heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux disorder or GERD, dyspepsia, and acid indigestion.

Acid reflux intensifies when stomach acid touches the lining of the esophagus, causing unpleasant liquids or foods to feel at the back of the mouth. This causes a burning sensation in the throat or chest, also known as heartburn.

Acid reflux may be more common than you think. There are more than 60 million Americans who suffer from heartburn every day.

Second, let’s define who is in danger of getting acid reflux:

– Obese people

– People who have a hiatal hernia.

– People who have scleroderma.

– People who vomit frequently

– Pregnant women

– Obese children

Third, let’s take a look at which foods make acid reflux worse:

o Alcoholic beverages

o Caffeinated drinks

o Chocolate

o Citrus fruit

o Fatty and fried foods

or Garlic

or onions

or Mint

o Spearmint

o Spicy foods

o Tomato-based foods such as spaghetti sauce, salsa, chili, and pizza

Fourth, let’s get rid of some myths about acid reflux:

Myth 1: Drink milk before bed. Drinking milk can actually cause acid reflux while you sleep.

Myth 2: Eliminate coffee, citrus fruits, and spicy foods because they cause acid reflux. These foods by themselves cannot cause acid reflux; they just make acid reflux worse.

Myth 3: Living with acid reflux is a life-long event. Acid reflux, although millions of people live with it, you can actually choose your foods carefully to prevent it!

Fifth, let’s list the foods that can prevent acid reflux:

o Apples

o Bananas

or Broccoli

or Cabbage

or carrots

o Chicken breast without skin

o Egg whites or egg substitutes

or fish

or graham crackers

o Green beans

o Ground beef, extra lean

or Jelly beans

o Mineral water

o Peas

or Pretzels

o Red licorice

o Salad dressing, low fat

or sour cream

Sixth, let’s cook! Here are some delicious foods that are sure to prevent acid reflux:


Apple Cinnamon Coffee Pie

Apple pancakes

Banana bread


Potato salad

Sesame chicken skewers

Grilled marinated skirt steak


Chicken and veggie stir fry

No tomato sauce for lasagna

Pork chops with applesauce


Banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

Berry cobbler

Sour cream cake

You are the gourmet chef in the kitchen. So, start with these careful food choices, experiment and get creative with different, healthy foods that prevent acid reflux symptoms.

Seventh, let’s explore more options for you.

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