Push-ups are the best exercise for women to define their muscles. Why? Adding push-ups to your workout not only tightens your chest but will give you great muscle definition in your shoulders, triceps, delts, and traps. You’ll get that sexy definition you’ve always wanted, looking your best and feeling great. Trust me women, men love your arms, you need to define the muscles to gain more attraction to yourself.

Push-ups are the best and safest way to develop your upper body and back. You need to do push-ups because you can do this every day without injuring yourself. From handicap push-ups to incline push-ups, advancement in push-ups depends on how fit you are and can handle them. Excessive push-ups won’t give you bulky, ugly man muscles, in fact, you’ll look better than you ever thought you would by increasing reps with your push-up routine.

You’ll shred calories and even give yourself an extra boost. When you do push-ups in the gym, men are attracted to the toughness of your workout routine and you will see more men gasp when you do push-ups and you have a nice physique.

Beginner push-ups are for anyone just starting out, simply place your arms at a right angle with your shoulders and feet together. Start by going down and pause for 1 second before going back up and repeat 12 times.

Handicap push-ups are generally for obese women who are out of shape and simply use their knees instead of their feet, keep their hands at right angles to their shoulders and lower, pause for 1 second, come back up and repeat.

Decline pushups are more advanced pushups, for women who are in good shape and want a harder workout routine. You find a chair or a bench, put your feet together and slowly lower, hold the position for 1 second and come back up repeating this 12 times in 5 series.

Incline pushups are the opposite, you just find a chair or bench and put your hands on it and your feet on the floor. Slowly lower yourself back up, making sure to hold the lowered position for 1 second.

Advanced stability push-ups are the ones where you use a medicine ball, place your hands on top of it, as the ball will support your weight and keep your feet on the ground. When you are 2 inches off the ground, hold your position for 1 second and slowly rise up repeating this 12 times.

You need to choose which type you feel most comfortable with, after doing this every day and starting to gain stamina for training you can increase your reps or difficulty. You’re getting stronger if you can’t feel pain after your workout, it’s time to upgrade your push-up routine and do a more advanced workout.

Stick to push-ups every day and you’ll start to see the desired results you’ve always wanted. You will look great and feel great when you dedicate yourself to doing push-ups.

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