You may wonder how to seduce women through flirting. If so, let me tell you to hurry up. It’s about creating sexual tension with a woman. To paraphrase Tony Montana: “In this country, you have to flirt first. Then when you have the flirt, you have the sexual tension. Then when you have the sexual tension, you have the women.” Do you think you are inept at flirting? If so, good news, flirting is a skill that can be taught. It is not difficult to improve it either. Learn from “Scarface”, Tony Montana …

I flirt for fun, but for a green card, I’m gonna flirt just fine

Yeah, that Tony is pretty flirtatious. Being filled with so much confidence and courage, how could it not be a great flirtation? There is one essential thing that Tony knows. Attraction is an emotion and if you can master this emotion, “you get the women.” The fact that it is an emotion is important. It is not logical, you cannot reason with attraction. It can not be bought. All the “reasons” she “likes” come after she’s attracted to him. If you play with her thrill of attraction, in the end you will get the woman. One of the best ways to do this, of course, is by mastering the art of flirting.

Do you want to flirt with me? Well. Do you want to play hard to get it? Well. Say hello to my little friend!

No, Tony’s little friend is not an M16A1. It is your understanding and use of body language. Tony knows that understanding and using body language cues in flirting is an essential part of the whole package. You know that flirting is much more than just a few clever phrases. He knows that creating sexual tension is about using a lot of subtle little things to attract a woman to you. Body language, a deep understanding of what women want, use of humor, positivity and confidence and much more; Not only does Tony know all of this, but he can see it through to the end in a calm and safe way.

Guys who want it all, girls, champagne, flash … they don’t last.

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