Let’s get one thing clear up front, you don’t have to be a famous French pastry chef to make a decent quiche. In fact, we recommend that you try the easy quiche recipe below and find out exactly how simple it is to put something amazing on the table for your family and friends. Before you grab your pastry tools and get started, consider a frozen cake batter or even something more delicate if you have very picky tastes. No one will realize that you didn’t make the crust from scratch.

It was about 10-20 years ago that things really started to change in the pizza business and you started seeing things like the versions of Thai Peanut Pizza or Chicken Alfredo. The same is possible with quiche with some famous restaurant recipes that do exactly that. Once you have the basics (egg, cheese, and a crust), it will be quite open. Walk through the product aisles and find a few articles that follow a particular theme. You will be surprised and probably satisfied with the results. Don’t stop at the ham and onions.

You’ve already gone crazy putting together all the different veggies you love, now you can go one step further and experiment a bit with cheeses. If you love Swiss cheese you can’t go wrong with that, in fact it’s the standard for most quiche recipes. If you want something a little more American, you can go for a cheddar cheese, but I suggest you use the sharpest cheddar you can find. The mixture of soft egg with strong cheese is something that most people find attractive with a quiche.

There may not be many quiche restaurants in Baja California, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a Baja California quiche with little pieces of lobster, salsa, and even shredded corn chips. Your quiche is exactly that, YOUR quiche. Don’t limit yourself to what the French have done with it. There are many possibilities.

If there’s one thing you CAN do with a quiche, it’s color outside the lines. Maybe it’s a crustless quiche or one with more veggies than egg, just make sure it can hold its shape. Of course, even if you can’t, you can still put the ingredients on your plate. Who cares if it doesn’t maintain that cute slice of cake look.

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