Loterie Farm is one of our favorite places on the island, and it’s like no other! It is the perfect place; away from the hustle and bustle of the roads and beaches, hidden in the hills, surrounded by lush green vegetation and the relaxing sound of silence. This is heaven. We have loved this place since we discovered it years ago when it was just the Hidden Forest Café and a trail to Pic Paradis. Things have changed, but not in a bad way. Everything that has been added has been done with taste and style and enhances the location in many ways.

The estate was established in 1721 as a sugar plantation and was called the Loterie Plantation, as the owner won it in a land lottery. It stretches over 135 acres from the bottom of Pic Paradis (St Martin’s highest peak) to the top. Today, American BJ, guardian of Loterie Farm, does everything possible to preserve and protect the land, thus developing eco-tourism, something rare on the island.

In addition to the possibility of hiking and adventure courses in the treetops that we will talk about in the activities section, you will find the Hidden Forest Café and the Tree Lounge. Food is fabulous at both locations. Canadian chef Julie treats us with a homely style, fragrant and comforting cuisine. At the Hidden Forest Café you’ll find dishes such as baked brie puff pastry with mango chutney, classic snails, Caribbean snail salad, or a packet of red snapper and plantain baked banana leaves, all beautifully presented with fruit or flowers from the gardens. . Our favorites here have to be the chicken curry with spinach and the beef tenderloin with garlic mashed potatoes. The desserts won’t let you down either. Banana tempura has to be the best in the world. Yes, you read that right, in the world! The brownie is pretty amazing too.

The Tree Lounge is a tapas bar, with some dishes similar to those in the cafeteria, but in smaller portions and in a more relaxed atmosphere. Comfortable stools and low tables are set on a wooden frame 25 feet off the ground. Try the crab fondue, cumin lentil balls, and bacon-wrapped dates. All very, very tasty! And if you don’t want to eat here, make sure you stop by at least for a drink.

Both places are amazing at night too, but being there during the day gives you a better view of the surrounding hills and the lush green. Why doesn’t one come for lunch and the other for dinner? And soon you will be able to hang out by the pool that is being built and spend the whole day eating and drinking as you please.

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