One of the main purposes of language is to express feelings. Although the Japanese language is considered one of the hardest and most difficult languages, and you may think that you would not be able to express your feelings, the reality is very different from that. While fully understanding the Japanese language can be a difficult task, learning some basic Japanese love phrases is not too difficult and will surely impress your partner with your language skills.

By learning some basic Japanese love phrases, you can express your love to a beautiful girl or boy; while in Japan or even anywhere else. The fun part about learning these helpful Japanese love phrases is that you can even use them when talking to Japanese women and men. The inquisitive nature of people can make them attracted to you if you use an innovative technique like using phrases in a foreign language to express your love.

Here are 10 Japanese romance phrases you could learn to impress men and women in Japan and around the world:

o Complimentation is the key to success in romance and you can compliment your partner’s eyes by saying “Kirei-na hitomi-dane” which means “You have beautiful eyes”.

o In any language in the world, the most popular phrase to express love is “I love you”, and in Japanese you can express your feeling by saying “Aishiteru” or “Daisuki Dayo”.

o “You look beautiful” can be pronounced in Japanese by saying “Kirei-dayo”.

o “You’re attractive” is another useful Japanese phrase that a boy can say like “Suteki-dayo” and a girl can say “Suteki-yo” to her boyfriend.

or “Ii nioi” can be said if you want to say, “You smell sweet.”

or “Can I kiss you?” can be easily asked by saying “Kisu shite-mo ii?”

o You can express your wish to stay together with your loved one forever by saying “I want to stay with you forever” and in Japanese you would say “Zutto issho-ni-itai”.

o “Aishite Motto” is the Japanese phrase for “Love me more”.

o The most important expression of true love is proposing to the person you love. “Will you marry me?” can be asked as “Kekkon shite-kureru?”

o You can appreciate the sex appeal of the opposite sex by saying “You’re hot” and the Japanese version of the phrase is “Iroppoi!”

After learning these great Japanese love phrases, you now have the killer weapon to attract Japanese women or men. At the same time, you could even improve your expression of love by communicating with those who are not Japanese.

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