You may be thinking of homeschooling your children for one reason or another. Children often face overcrowded classrooms and dangers such as drugs and violence in public schools. Many parents believe that they have the right to decide what their children should learn, and homeschooling allows them to have this control. However, homeschooling is an important decision that requires you to be well informed about what you will need to do.

Due to the laws and regulations that control homeschooling, it is imperative that you read them carefully and make sure you adhere to them. Homeschooling is controlled by each state in the United States, so the laws of one state will not be the same as those of another state. It wasn’t that long ago that homeschooling your children was very difficult, and it was even illegal in some states. Today all of this has changed and you can legally homeschool your child anywhere. Still, you need to make sure that you fully comply with the laws so that you don’t risk getting in trouble with the authorities, which could mean that your children would be forced to return to public schools. There will be no problem if you read, follow and fully understand the regulations. In many areas, homeschooling parents have formed groups. See if there is one in your area and join it, if possible. These other parents can be a great source of information and can answer your questions.

Strict laws apply in many states, making testing a requirement even if you are homeschooling your own children. Formal testing must be done even if state law does not require it so that you can assess your child’s progress as you teach. Most homeschoolers work hand-in-hand with the school administration under a general program that helps them meet state standards. In some states, it is actually a legal requirement that parents work with such a program. If you want to remain independent or work with the school, having an option like this depends on what state you reside in. The reason most parents like this type of program is that the curriculum is already done for them and they simply have to teach their children. However, there is little freedom in such a situation, which is something you should consider if it is an option. If you have a choice, choose one that complies with what you think is correct.

If your child shows an aptitude for art, chess, or a certain sport, you may want to take him to a class or to the teacher to help him develop that ability. Just be sure to seek out resources and tools to help fill any gaps when you’re not equipped to teach in a certain area.

You need to manage time management strategies if you are going to be a homeschool parent. When you and your children meet to start school on Monday morning, it may seem like time is not a constraint. However, by Friday afternoon it may be clear that you were unable to complete all of the tasks set for that week. One obstacle will be your other responsibilities. Family counseling is not a part-time effort, but it does require a full-time commitment. The best way to treat homeschooling is to structure the day as much as possible, similar to a regular school. The first thing on your schedule should be when “school” starts and when it ends. It is true that children are not leaving the house, but they need to know when to be in their designated places and ready for school. Somehow the hardest part of homeschooling is getting started. To successfully establish a homeschool, your concept of school as a place you send your children to be taught by someone else will have to change, and you must be prepared for the challenges that will arise. Once you and your family are comfortable with whatever form of homeschooling you are using, you will realize that it was the right decision and you will be glad that your children are receiving their education in healthy and happy conditions.

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