Keyword research is to search engine optimization what grass is to cows. Keyword density is the percentage of occurrence of your keywords in the text of the rest of your web page. This is important because search engines use this information to categorize a site’s topic and determine what terms the site is relevant for. Density needs to be balanced correctly (too low and you won’t get the optimal benefit, too high and your page could be marked as spam). Wealthy Affiliate membership comes with a great research tool that will allow you to build huge lists for your Google or Yahoo campaigns. You can quickly create your own keyword list with this tool.

Ready to publish your articles, websites, and keyword lists? Wealthy Affiliate University provides turnkey feed websites and vetted lists for members to use. Wealthy Affiliate University offers keyword tools that offer key functionality and statistics. These are just some of the features within Wealthy Affiliate: Free Downloads, Tutorials, Courses, Keyword Tools, Google AdWords Research Tools, Clickbank Research Tools, WA Myspace, Internet Marketing Tools, Squeeze Pages, Sites pre-made websites, affiliate link logger, tracking tools, feed sites, integrated affiliate program, one of the best forums I’ve ever been a part of and much more. At the WA Research Center, we’ve spent thousands of dollars building proprietary research tools to help you find the right market, keywords, and traffic for your ad campaigns. As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you’ll also have access to lists of Google AdWords keywords and websites that have already proven they can make money. This tool will help you find highly profitable keywords for any niche (keyword).

Wealthy Affiliate tools include case studies, guides, tutorials, keyword lists, turnkey websites, and much more. Even if all members use the same lists, the techniques we teach you will allow you to use those KW lists to your advantage and even create your own more unique keywords. We teach you EXACTLY how to use keywords correctly in your campaigns to generate higher conversion rates.

Keywords, which include single and multi-word phrases, should also be assigned to pages that are most relevant. Keywords and research will help your marketing efforts reach new levels of success. You create ads and choose keywords, which are words or phrases related to your business, your website, or your article.

Perfect keyword density will help achieve higher search engine rankings. If a particular keyword has a higher density on your web page, then the probability that your page will rank higher in search engines increases. If your keyword appears only (say) once on a page of a thousand words, it has a lower keyword density than a keyword that appears (say) four times on a page of similar length. Generally speaking, keyword density is the ratio of the word being searched for (the keyword) to the total number of words that appear on your web page. How to improve keyword density?

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