When evaluating network marketing companies, you need to carefully assess whether you are putting yourself in the best position for success. You should do a thorough investigation. This article will address some of the great questions you may have about ExFuze, and ask some questions that you may not have considered.

What is ExFuze?

ExFuze is a network marketing company that is making a lot of waves in the health and wellness industry selling Seven + Classic, Seven + Focus, Seven + PROformance, and Green Zilla nutritional juices. ExFuze was founded by Rick and Don Cotton and with their corporate offices in Florida. The commission structure is based on a binary compensation plan with retail sales, quick start bonuses, and achievement-based commissions.

Is ExFuze legit?

Yes, ExFuze is a powerful network marketing opportunity. However, what ultimately matters is whether or not you will be successful in ExFuze. You could be in the strongest company in the mlm industry and it doesn’t make much difference if you don’t have the actual training required to be successful. Nor are we talking about the persecution that his family and friends train. However, you should ask yourself these 2 questions before joining ExFuze:

Am I joining the sponsor?

Is my sponsor an expert in various strategies to build a downline both online and offline? The right mentor and sponsor can drastically affect your growth at any given opportunity. You need to make sure your sponsor has a system in place to streamline the training process and help you quickly recruit and sell.

Do I have a solid lead generation system?

Do you have a way to attract a large number of potential customers to your opportunity? Are they just going to buy leads and compete with the rest of the cold callers who bought the same leads for your mlm? Potential customers are the lifeblood of your network marketing business and being able to open the floodgates of interested leads is a critical factor in making this happen in your business.


Ultimately, I believe that with the proper training you can be successful at ExFuze and it is a legitimate network marketing opportunity. The key factors will be linking and joining under the right sponsor on the right team and creating a powerful lead generation system to recruit prospects interested in your opportunity. In the resource box below, you’ll find ultra-powerful resources to accelerate your flow of leads and generate a flood of leads.

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