In our 44th episode of Madness Chronicles, we will see the insanity of utter hypocrisy on the left. Remember, insanity is a state of mental illness, gross and extremely foolish behavior, and a frenzied or chaotic form of activity. Let’s take a look at the hypocrisy on the left.

The House in Congress voted once again to impeach President Donald Trump. The latest charge is “incitement to revolt.” Of course, the impeachment lasted about the day your son spends in high school. Nancy Pelosi was putting the stamp of her quest to cancel this president.

Who exactly is encouraging people who incite violence? California representative Eric Slawell said this. “Trump supporters are terrorists,” referring to the people who stormed the capital. First, Slawell has his own problem since he tricked a Chinese spy, but we’re not told anything to do here. And now we know that the so-called ‘riot’ was not led by Trump but by members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Actor Sean Penn compared Trump supporters to Al Qaeda, among other things. Sean also suggested that ‘cyanide’ might be worth exploring when it comes to President Trump. Curious comments from a man who was with the drug trafficker El Chapo. However, we are led to believe that “there is nothing to see here”.

President-elect Joe Biden, the man who is challenged to put words together into a complete sentence, said that Trump’s rioters were “national terrorists.” During the debates, it was Mr. Biden who said that he would like to take the president “behind the woodshed” and on another occasion “punch him in the face.” Of course, that is not an incentive.

CNN’s Don Lemon announced on the air that the summer BLM riots that destroyed a billion dollars in property were more justified than the recent Capital riots. It’s an interesting comment given that we now know that BLM were critical players in the assault on DC. PBS, our nonprofit impartial public broadcasting corporation, stepped in. PBS’s top attorney, Michael Beller, said: “Even if Biden wins, we’re going for all Republican voters, and Homeland Security will take their kids, and we’ll put [Trump supporters’ children] in reeducation camps. “Ah, that is not inciting at all.

Former CIA Director John Brennan believes Trump supporters should beg for clemency. In a tweet, he said: “Anyone seeking national redemption by claiming that they no longer support Trump must acknowledge how wrong it was to ignore and enable his corrupt, dishonest and divisive agenda. Full exposition of the legacy of a despot is necessary to eradicate any remaining malignancy. ” But did the president himself incite violence?

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch recently said that if Trump wins, “there will be blood in the streets.” Cute. News commentator Chris Cuomo said: “Who says marches have to be peaceful.” Congresswoman Ayanna Presley recently said: “There will be blood in the streets.” He was referring to the possibility of Trump being re-elected. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris offered that “protesters must not back down.” Of course, he refers to the mostly peaceful protesters who set Minneapolis ablaze and tore apart Portland and Seattle.

House Speaker Pelosi, always stirring up trouble in Congress, said, “I just don’t know why there aren’t uprisings all over this country. Maybe there should be?” However, there is nothing to see here. We’ll finish off the irascible representative from California, Maxine Waters. Always one for a sound bite, she recently said, “Go out there and create a crowd, and you turn them away, and tell them they are no longer welcome, nowhere!” He was referring to confronting Trump supporters where and when he finds them. There is no hypocrisy there.

May we wake up from this madness before it is too late. I wish you good health, and until next time, have fun, enjoy life, and watch out for the madness between us. It is 2020; Look around; It is outrageous.

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