“A year can change a lot” – something said with a lot of truth. And when it comes to a world where change happens every couple of minutes, we need to look back and review what needs to be addressed to move forward. The world of SEO continues to change at lightning speeds. The value of SEO is increasing every day, so there is a great demand to discover and rethink optimization strategies. For a better optimization of the strategies, we must be aware of the changes that we are going to find in the future. Here are some important changes that we will experience soon:


We have entered the world of the third screen. The first displays involved large computers created by Charles Babbage in the 1990s, then came desktop displays, which we refer to as personal computers (PCs), and now we have entered the world where we opt for phone displays. Mobile for anything and everything. and all of this works proactively to create a new mobile ecosystem. Therefore, this requires starting with building responsive mobile websites.

Statistical Data and Facts:

• 95% of smartphone users link to location-based sites.

• Mobile-optimized sites can drive huge traffic, as more than 1.5 billion users use mobile devices rather than any other screen.

• A good UI (user interface) attracts a good number of potential customers over a longer period of time.

• 15% of all Internet traffic is mobile traffic, worldwide. (Source: Newtarget.com)

• 70% of online action within an hour comes from mobile search. (Source: Socialmediatoday.com)

social networks

SEO generally puts in all the keywords that people and more specifically the target audience are requesting. Your audience is no longer in one place. People use other means to communicate their requirements such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, discussion boards or forums like Yahoo Answers, Quora, etc. and browse directly on the web, now the trend has changed and is more on phones. With this in mind, many brands have gone mobile-friendly in 2015. Social media is all about building a brand and spreading awareness about prospects. To increase your Google search ranking, you need to have a good social media reputation, which implies a good network and an active presence on social sites. That acts as a helping hand to have a great SEO rank.

Increasingly available or real-time is the key, that is, audio input to search is a preferred mode

Nowadays people prefer audio search instead of typing keywords for search just for its convenience factor especially when someone is driving or multitasking. Almost all mobile devices have a voice search function. Since audio search has so much attractive power, most software companies today focus on the audio search interface. Some like Microsoft, Google, and Apple have released their own versions of advanced voice-responsive assistants: Cortana, Google Now, and Siri, respectively. Even ‘Domino’s Pizza’ has a ‘voice order feature’. Hello, Whatsapp, and many more. Nevertheless,

1. Long-tail keywords – When people search for audio, they are more likely to ask questions like why…? How? When? etc. these sentences belong to the category of long-tail keywords.

2. Know your prospects: It is always beneficial to use the keywords that your target audience is searching for. So being on top of keywords and long tail keyword usage is a gateway to success and in real time it could be an added bonus.


Backlinks or internal links will help you attract the right prospect who has visited your website. It is not a new SEO technique, but it is very important to keep the client engaged once they have shown interest in it.


1. USE ANIMATED DATA instead of text content – ​​Content that has animated images with tag lines over the text is more likely to be preferred as it is more engaging to the user.

2. USE A SLIDER INSTEAD OF TEXT CONTENT – A slider is considered a quick way to provide an overview of a website to visitors, and more effectively than just an image. It helps the user to understand without putting much effort.

3. SMALL VIDEO: A website called http://www.vimeo.com/ and many others help you create and share videos that feed and deliver your content in a more effective way. Small videos would be the icing on the cake.

Add Admob In Digital Marketer to your resume

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Cross platform capability

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YES! It is time to start preparing our digital strategies for 2017.

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