When thinking about building your dream kitchen or remodeling an old one, an important factor is the type, finish and color of cabinets you want. You can have custom made kitchen cabinets to suit all your requirements and needs or make other choices. Ultimately, your budget will decide what you can afford.

There are many options available when it comes to kitchen cabinets, in addition to getting cabinets built specifically for your needs, you can choose semi-custom cabinets. These offer a bit of flexibility compared to custom cabinets as they are not custom made.

Another option is stock cabinets, these are mass produced cabinets found at any home improvement store. They usually come in standard dimensions, which means if it doesn’t fit your kitchen space, you’ll have to fix it. It’s also cheaper than custom cabinets.

Finally, there are the RTA cabinets, which stand for ready to assemble and are perfect for DIY enthusiasts. Individual cabinets come with screws and easy-to-follow instructions. These types of cabinets are cheaper than most and are always in high demand.

Once you know the type of cabinet you want, it’s time to choose a cabinet finish. This can easily overwhelm you as there are so many to choose from; there are conversion finishes such as catalyzed lacquer, pre-catalyzed lacquer, conversion varnish, epoxy finish, moisture curing polyurethane, two component polyurethane, polyester finish and ultraviolet curing finish.

There are also other finishes in lacquer, polyurethane, varnish, shellac and water. These can be further broken down based on what properties they have and what you want for your cabinets.

Regardless of your final choice, consider choosing a cabinet based on the impact it has on the environment. Having a green kitchen will mean purchasing flow-restricting faucets that reduce water waste by 40%, reducing heat loss through good insulation, and using locally sourced materials to reduce the carbon footprint of your kitchen.

Whether you opt for custom, semi-custom, standard cabinetry, or RTA cabinetry, a green kitchen is environmentally responsible. You can do this by using wood options like bamboo, which is efficient yet elegant; Better yet, you can use reclaimed wood, it can be stripped, sanded, and recycled into beautiful cabinets for the kitchen of your dreams. In this way, a beautiful kitchen is achieved as well as helping the environment.

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