Here’s a checklist of who this book is for:

-You are a dedicated viewer of Fox News

-You attend a Christian church weekly, read the Bible and pray daily (NO OTHER RELIGION IS ACCEPTABLE)

-You blindly vote for Republicans in each election cycle.

-You consider Bill O’Reilly or Bill Cosby as moral barometers that you should admire

-You think the 1950s America was the heyday of civilization, where women stay home to raise babies, have no professional careers, have little education, are subordinate to men, and the entire women’s liberation movement ruined our society.

-You think that the world was created in 7 days, 6,000 years ago and that dinosaurs and global warming are a hoax, that the Earth is flat and is at the center of the universe and, otherwise, you think that science is not factual.

– You have a daughter

If you have all the boxes checked above and you fall into those categories, (sorry for you), here are other reasons why you shouldn’t buy this book: Authorship over the phone, which means there isn’t much original writing. of new material. They are mostly excerpts from other books, interviews from the author’s radio show or other programs copied / pasted in a very incomprehensible, not chronological and illogical way. In addition, the book is littered with footnotes from sources that were selectively selected to support the author’s opinion, particularly with scientific studies and material from other medical journals that were taken out of context or where study parameters are at fault. produce a bias. . Most of the evidence supporting the theories is anecdotal, with each story coming from women who are daughters of or closely related to members of the clergy of other church organizations with which the author has a relationship. As a reader, you shouldn’t expect to get any tactical advice from this book, such as “spending at least one day a week disconnected from the digital world with your daughter outdoors”, what you will read instead is a full chapter on why you should focus all your efforts on ensuring that your daughter remains a virgin until her wedding day and how heaven will fall on you if that doesn’t happen.

This book will offend you if:

-Has a tattoo

-Has piercings that are not in the ears, (women) piercings (men)

-They are atheists, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Zen, pagans or obtain some spirituality from nature, or participate in any other religion that is not Christian in any way

-They are gay or transgender

-You were not born in the United States (this book is very nationalistic with a negative point of view on being a responsible global human being)

-You are a professional woman with a career outside the home and / or the breadwinner.

-You are a stay-at-home dad

Other disturbing issues with this book are the authors’ negative views on the ACLU, American Civil Liberties Union, whose stated mission is to “defend and preserve the individual rights and freedoms guaranteed to all people in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States. the United States. “. So because the ACLU has taken positions on issues that this author disagrees with, they are now evil and should be reprimanded. In addition to the ACLU being outcast, you should also admonish the Girl Scouts! Because they did the most horrible act of putting the whole world first before America! Nationalism is a dangerous disease, and this author clearly suffers from it.

So why did I read it? This book was gifted to me by a family member and therefore I was forced to read it. The family remembers giving it to me, she speaks English as a second language, so I guess she didn’t fully understand what she was buying, and I had no idea who this author was prior to receiving this book. This book creates a world that I don’t want to live in for myself or my daughter.

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