Why many say it is impossible:

Is it possible to use the law of attraction to attract your ex without unknowingly misapplying it to work against you? How do you use the law of attraction to attract your ex without violating the notion of free will? Many claim that it is not possible to do it without turning the law of attraction against you to generate more “don’t wants”. After all, the law of attraction tells us that it is the thoughts that we emotionally focus on that we create our lives with. This notion of free will is an essential implication of the law of attraction, since we can freely choose the thoughts we have to attract what best matches it.

In the heat of emotion, with the drama and turmoil in your relationship, it’s hard to see past the problem to find an effective solution to attract your ex back. Where does one start? It’s easy to get frustrated as impatience builds. You can’t help but wonder, “Why isn’t the law of attraction working in my life the way I envisioned it? Why haven’t I gotten my ex back yet? What am I not getting?”

Before you read any further, let me assure you that contrary to the many naysayers, it is possible to attract your ex with the law of attraction. The key is knowing how to apply it correctly…

Attract Your Ex With The Law Of Attraction: A Fatal Misunderstanding:

Among those who are trying to attract their ex, I see many common misunderstandings of the law of attraction when it comes to relationships. Since your ex left, I’m sure it’s hard to see beyond the pain of her absence. This is the overwhelming problem at hand at the moment. The immediate remedy you are looking for is to find out what can be done to attract your ex. Before I continue, let me inform you that it is these emotions that prevent you from understanding the real problem to start finding an effective solution.

With that being said, what is standing in the way of your attempts to attract your ex with the law of attraction? It is your lack of understanding of the problems and the inability to see the solution.

Attract Your Ex With The Law Of Attraction – Respect Your Partner’s Right To Free Will And Discover The Answers Lie Inside:

As you well know, the law of attraction states that it is the thought vibrations that you send out into the world that are responsible for what you have in your life. In order to effectively attract your ex with the law of attraction, you need to start changing your thought vibrations. Not accepting yourself as the ultimate causal explanation for what you have attracted to your relationship goes against the law of attraction.

You see, ultimately the only real problem is not what is going on in your relationship, but your perceptions and feelings about them. After all, this is what you used to lure your ex away, right? The solution then, to start attracting your ex, is to change those perceptions.

What kinds of perceptions might need to change? Well, for example, this could mean asking yourself if you’ve been using your relationship as a source of happiness and love, since love and happiness flow from within, not from without, right? As the law of attraction reminds us: the affect is within and the cause is without. Are you going to continue to burden your partner with the job of making you feel happy and loved and push him or her out of your life? Or are you willing to discover yourself as whole and complete on your own and draw them to you? Is your partner’s departure the problem, or is it your unrealistic evaluation of your partner as a source of love and happiness?

Attract Ex with the Law of Attraction – You are the creator of your life!

Effectively using the law of attraction to attract your ex means focusing on you, not them. This means letting go of your desire to avoid responsibility and seeking to discover yourself as the ultimate causal explanation for your life. With the acceptance of responsibility, your role in the relationship is clear. The solutions you seek to use to attract your ex are not far behind. Let me reassure you, the work is worth it. Just beyond the emotions that overwhelm you and the limiting beliefs that stand in your way, are the solutions you seek. They are available to those who are willing to grow large enough to claim them. So your options are these: Keep doing what doesn’t work, accept what works, or commit to changing things.

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