Quality wine has been dubbed ‘fine’ wine for centuries, where this explains everything that falls short of excellence. Wine is undoubtedly the most appreciated gift, where specialists are not the only ones who enjoy this vigorous drink. The graceful curves, slim design and calligraphic wine bottle label are a sight to behold when left alone.

Gift wrapping can simply amplify your appearance, but when done with love it can significantly change the way you see it. This is the reason why we love to wrap these bottles, it is because of the joy and fervor that the recipient experiences when untangling their wrapper.

A bottle of wine is one of the seductive sculptures of a woman; her curves can carry any addition with grace. From the use of a simple paper to an expensive looking fabric, the recipient has been sure to feel nothing short of admiration. We offer some ideas that involve the use of available products such as paper, ribbons, wrapping foil, fabrics and other decorative accessories. Some ideas may allow you to get the job done in a jiffy, however others may take a couple of minutes. However, the end result is surely worth messing around with.

1- Satin Bow Wrap

This turns out to be one of the most attractive yet easiest ways to add an attractive ‘oomph’ to your gift. All you need is a big roll of double-sided satin ribbon with super strong glue and some patience. Start at the bottom; take one end of the satin ribbon and glue it to the bottom of the bottle. Twist the ribbon around the bottom, stabbing it as you go. Secure the ribbon at the top, cutting off the excess ribbon before assigning the last one. Take an extra piece of satin ribbon and tie a neat bow around the neck of the bottle as the last touch.

2- Brown paper wrapper

Nothing looks as simple and attractive as this. All you need are sheets of brown paper, transparent tape, and a roll of beige twine. Take the bottle upright on the large sheet; gather ends at top, storing with twine around neck of bottle. Use the tape to hide any openings that have been formed; try to avoid tearing the sheet during folding. Simple but elegant!

3- Sleeve Wrap

This is one of the other great ideas that can be easily done at home using the sleeves of your old puffer jacket or sweater. It can be achieved by cutting the jacket from the front. Cut out the sleeve and add a rounded patch of similar fabric to one end of the sleeve so that it only has one opening. Cut off the sleeve on one side and add the zipper. You can ask a seamstress to do it for you. The bottle of wine and makes the corresponding modifications. You can also use the sleeve of any old sweater for this idea. This is a nice way to show someone wine in the winter.

4- Nature wrap

You can use lead or natural fibers to create this wrap. Jute, hemp, bamboo, and straw are all great options to use to make a wine bottle stand out. As complicated as it may seem, this process is quite simple. You need to take the appropriate amount of string/straw/yarn, where the excess can be cut accordingly. Put some super glue in the mouth of the bottle to allow the twine to adhere properly. This is the point from where you will start. Take one end of the string and begin to wrap the entire surface of the bottle, all the way to the bottom. Use a small amount of glue at the end to glue the last thread to the bottle. You can use decorative artwork to glue onto the packaging for a beautiful finish.

5- Stock Wrap and Bow

For those of you who don’t have the patience or time to play around with craft supplies, this idea will serve more than its intended purpose. All you need is a Christmas stocking and a satin ribbon. Simply place the wine bottle in the sock and wrap the loop around the base of your neck. Quick, easy and amazing! You can also knit a bright red sock with Christmas-inspired appliqué work and include a message with the knit work as well.

These out-of-the-box options have made life easier for those who don’t really have the time or inclination to make something from scratch. We understand your situation and have therefore come up with a simpler alternative. Despite simply placing the bottle in the gift bag, try adding a touch of flair to your presentation by absorbing colors in a wonderful display of sorts. Casual the colorful fabric in this way that ends up looming nicely over the top of the bag, along with depth to an otherwise lackluster option.

Wine is not only a delicious drink to give to someone, but the bottles can be turned into an attractive work of art. These are just a few of the many ways you can wrap a bottle of wine, paying careful attention to detail. These ideas were not only meant for DIY addicts, but also for those who want to try wonderful pieces for the home, once considered impractical. Also, for more informative articles, you can visit Pakbrary. Hope you like this article, cheer up!

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